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Finding the right alternative medicine treatment can be difficult. Jolley Good Health can help by offering one-on-one consultations. A comprehensive consultation is an important first step in designing an individual acupuncture therapy plan that would benefit you.


Acupuncture is gaining popularity in NZ and around the world, because it is a natural, chemical free and safe way to treat a wide range of health issues.

Acupunture needles are very fine and are inserted into very precise acu points which are situated along meridian pathways. The purpose is to rebalance the flow of energy in the body. From a western approch to understanding, the acu needles produce a stimulis which comunicates with the nervous system releasing endophins allowing healing to happen and a sense of well being.

Herbal pharmacy

A wide range of products are available for your condition:

  • Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Black Pearl, Classic TCM, Sun Ten
  • Active elements mineral therapy
  • Thyroid and adrenal supplements
  • Adrenal fatigue program
  • Metagenics products
  • Nutrisearch products
  • Heel Homeotoxicology, homeopathics


At least 99% of people have stress held in the Kidneys, Adrenals or Hypothalamus which blocks the assimilation of water, leading to dehydration. As with other Kinesiology, Kinergetics uses muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress and imbalance or dysfunctional energy systems in the body.

Kinergetics can identify physical problems and mental and emotional stresses that are blocking or sabotaging personal growth and affecting your wellbeing.
At a deeper level, it can be used to identify and clear subtle stresses, which can lead to the physical manifestations of dis-ease.

Kinergetics releases these specific stresses, resulting in fast corrections for virtually any pain, by addressing the cause....dehydration.

  • Balance the ability to utilize water
  • Improve assimilation of water
  • Locate subconscious resistance to heal
  • Balance glands and hormones
  • Strengthen elimination organs
  • Safely help to remove heavy metals
  • Energise, lymph, blood, and meridans
  • Safely facilitate the removal of candida and toxins
acupuncture therapy